Monday, June 25, 2012

Time For FUN

This weekend was great! I got unlocked two days in a row and we played for hours! We had the most incredible sex! That was the first time i was unlocked in two weeks. She really has me trained to be her boy toy now. She rode me for a long time and no sign of cumming! It was amazing and felt great the whole time. Twice i had orgasms without ejaculation. They were very powerful and long lasting. The amazing part is that i never lost my erection and the feelings continued. After she was finished with me i was locked back up again. There is always this huge anticipation to get unlocked. She often teases me some before she unlocks me and the anticipation is huge. Then when its time to lock back up again it produces kind of a nervous feeling as i don't know when she will unlock me again. There is no schedule just anticipating when it will happen. I have really learned that our closest sexual connection is when i am not allowed to cum. I have learned that the feelings we have are so strong that while i do desire release, that me not cumming provides us both the kinda man she needs. For me as a submissive i have given myself to this position. In my heart i know this is where i belong and while cumming would feel great for a moment in time the over all loss seems to great a risk to take for both of us. I have learned that the mind and body can be trained to respond to its environment. MY environment is one of total bodily submission and our journey together seems to have no productive reason for me to cum. I am expected to lock myself back up and i do. I always get this overwhelming submissive feeling after i close the lock. I have to get close to her because i need to express my feelings. There are some areas where she has not exerted her power over me. Its there and some things i feel comfortable about she is just getting to the point of being open to. She is a product of our society over her life. Mostly dominated by men. Most men not really dominate themselves but angry control freaks rooted in fear. Anyway, I am sure that the journey we are taking is not for everyone. I do know it is for me and her and given that i don't see cumming in my future. It is not worth the price!

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