Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Engagement and the new Bride

Something i have waited my whole life for finally happened! It was a few months ago after us re establishing my submissive role. My Dominant partner asked me to marry her! It was so exciting as i have waited my whole life for this to happen. I never thought it would happen by her asking me. Though i had dreamed of it. For me it validated my position with her. Not as a dominant male but as her submissive boy. The position i love! I was really shocked almost to the point i couldn't answer and when i did I'm sure i got it wrong but yes is the answer. We had moved forward with our lives and working toward establishing us in terms of me belonging to her and daily stuff until last weekend. Last weekend she told me she had made a decision about our marriage. I was all ears! i have a tattoo which i got years ago on my abdomen right above where her parts of me are kept. It was from my rough and rowdy days and was definitely demeaning to women. i remember getting it and telling the female tattoo artist that it was directions for blonds. it is big bold and black and says RIDE with red tint in the letters. Sunday she brought a marker to the bed and proceeded to put a big bold B in front of the word RIDE. My heart skipped a beat! Another part of my old manhood was dying a fast death! She had decided i was to be her bride and permanently marked that way. Bold B with pink tint inside. All of a sudden the picture of her taking me to an artist locked in my chastity device to get branded the bride for life flashed in front of me! WOW! The first thought that came into my head was, she really loves me as her boy! Then i thought of my persona that i had developed over my whole life. The big mean biker will from now on be her bride in panties at her feet naked. That is such a great feeling and i felt so honored that she has chosen to allow me to take this position! She put it to me in the form of a question kinda. but the reality is i never needed asking and loved the fact that she would own me in this way. I have always tried to keep my manly biker persona going strong. Now my life is having my body shaved, being locked up and wearing panties and loving it! I never want to go back and will be her bride forever!


  1. Very beautiful. I am a new submissive and eagerly trying to find ways to please my mistress's.

  2. It is very good that you have embraced your future in panties and chastity.
    Under my wedding suit 35 years ago I wore a very tight white corset, lacy white panties and gorgeous white silk stockings. My cock and balls were locked in their steel and leather prison. That night I knelt at her feet and promised to love honour and obey her for ever. I have fulfilled that pledge. I have had the most wonderful life as her devoted feminized slave and we both wish you as happy a marriage as we have had.