Friday, March 23, 2012

Men, Marriage and Masturbation

      To start off by saying that husbands masturbating during marriage is the beginning of the end would be harsh! So, lets be harsh. Masturbation out of the presence of your wife or partner is paramount to infidelity. Simply taking it upon yourself to remove your body from your union and self pleasure yourself is a huge relationship breaker. It creates vast distance between the couple physically, emotionally and mentally. If she is unaware of it then it is lying. If you are fantasizing about anything but her it is cheating. With the vast amount of porn out there and the ideology of immediate gratification men are set up to take the road of giving little and gaining release. Watching porn can become a huge addiction. It is fake, emotionless and cold. It destroys the intimate bond between two loving couples. Admitting to it is very difficult for most men. They have fantasies and are trying to incorporate them in their daily lives. At some point if not currently their partner was their fantasy. For a healthy relationship that needs to return, which means masturbation has no place in a relationship unless it is mutual. Men need to adopt a philosophy of never participating in this practice. While it is possible to do by themselves it is not very likely they will be successful if this has gone on for a good period of time. They need help! The help of a life and relationship coach in these matters can be a recipe for success. A life coach specializing in this relationship dynamic can help both partners cut to the chase and find the path that best suits their relationship. All relationships are different. Learn how to stop this hidden relationship killer and get the close trust that all great relationships need to flourish.

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