Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Male Submission: 
                                   I spent my whole life battling the demons that were a self empossed remedy for my lack of sexual submission. it started very early in life for me. the idea of me belonging to someone else. i remember my first true love and me wanting her to know i was hers so much that i cut her initials into my body with a hot knife. In retrospect i believe that was my first attempt at submission! Most of the rest of my life was spent with the desire to belong to someone i loved. Not just that i loved, but could feel held that love in her control and cheerished it. embraced the power it has and incorporated it into our daily lives. This does not include pornography. It was not until my failed relationships went full circle was i brought back around to this woman many years later. this time i needed to give myself to her again, this time she was receptive to my submission and so we live a life of her control and my submission! what a great life as we have become extremely close and supportive of each other in our daily lives. Everyone should experience the depths this can take your relationship!

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