Thursday, March 31, 2016

Re-centering for the FLR Life

Perhaps the FLR lifestyle is new to you. You're investigating... looking for what's been missing in a successful relationship.  You've had unpleasant experiences in the past, but just can't put your finger on why.  

Men, you're attracted to women who are confident and strong, and know what they want when they want it. You've had bossy, demanding women in the past and the relationship has been unsuccessful.  These two types of women are very different.

Ladies, you're strong-minded and want to control your world and everything it's made of.  In the past, you've worked hard to carve yourself in every direction, trying to fit the mold your man wants for you...or shall we say...wants for him! You're attracted to men that are mature and strong, independent and decided. But are they, really?  Or have boys (men) unobjectionably bought into the persona of what society says a man needs to be; what he is made of?

Unfortunately, in our day and time, we are straddled with the bruises of a mean world, and broken relationships.  Our parents divorced when we were younger, or our fathers didn't encourage us to be true to ourselves as girls and boys in order to grow into confident women and men.  For some, this has left us to figure things out for ourselves...well into our adult years.

FLR is a female-led relationship, not a female/slave relationship!

For those of you raised to believe "the man should rule the roost", or be the "head of household", feel confident that this is exactly what will result when you are able to satisfy your man's needs; he needs your leadership and guidance. 

I am here to encourage you to keep an open mind when considering FLR. Be honest with yourself about what you need.  Identify what you have to offer.

Ladies, he will drown you in attention, always wanting to sit at your feet. Waiting for you to tell him which chore to do next, or perhaps offering pedicures.  If you long for this in your relationship, I encourage you to dig deeper.

Beach Angel

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